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Recipes: Sumac Lemonade

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Nature's Natural Refreshment

First, find yourself a sweet jug.

Second, pack said sweet jug with this nutrient rich concoction!


This lemonade is loaded with:

-vitamin C


-anti-inflammatory effects

-antifungal & antimicrobial properties

-aides to lower cholesteral & blood sugar


  • Staghorn Sumac | 4-5 large clusters

  • Fresh Mint | 1 big handful

  • Local Honey | 2 Tbsp

  • Lemon | 6 slices

  • Water | enough to fill the container


  1. Forage/find your ingredients

  2. Combine all ingredients inside of jug

  3. Fill jug with water

  4. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour *

  5. Strain, pour and enjoy


*The lemon flavor in sumac is stronger when the clusters are broken off from the stems. Keep them intact if you prefer a more mild flavor or steep longer for a stronger flavor. Adjust the sweetness by adding more (or less) honey.

**Staghorn sumac is safe but other species of Sumac are not. Staghorn can be easily identified by its' bright red clusters but do your research and consume at YOUR OWN risk.

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