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Bodega Krontiras | Luján de Cuyo

This vineyard is unique to wine country as it is centered around the concepts of biodynamic farming. This concept focuses on the land as a whole with every single part of the process contributing to a self-sustaining system.

Elements of the Earth and atmosphere play a crucial role in the construction of this vineyard. The architecture is structured by sacred geometry with the Sun and Moon in mind. There is little human intervention during the wine making process. They allow nature to take its' course to create natural fermentation.


The tour starts upon horseback with a hike through the dessert. The snow-capped Andes Mountains in the distance seem to be a mirage as the dessert sun beats down. Make sure to hydrate before you leave - the only liquid provided is wine! Also make sure you have good balance too - tipsy and heat stricken on horseback isn't a good look....


The guides eventually lead you downhill and into the vineyard where you will indulge in a wine and olive oil tasting - The US Dollar currently goes A LONG WAY against the Argentine Peso so STOCK UP!

In conclusion, and in true South American fashion, an Assado is always included!

FIND IT @ Olavarría 4900, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina

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1 Comment

Paula Lori
Paula Lori
Sep 20, 2019

Argentina is a beautiful place! The people there are so kind and gracious and the wine is amazing! Glad you are writing about it!

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