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Vino Giu | Estes Park, Colorado

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

A wine, water and chocolate venue - is this a dream?!

"Vino Giu" means "wine down" in Italian. This experience is a play on words and your taste buds!


Take away the wine and chocolate and I would still go here just for the views! This rooftop spot is nestled into the heart of downtown Estes Park with picture perfect scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

Believe it or not, the water here is just as important as the wine. Crazy, I know, but hear me out.

Vino Giu is a water bar.

This water bar of wellness promises an "alchemy of healing" through distilled water chilled with gemstones, herbs, flowers and fruits. Each Gemstone Elixir offers invigorating and cleansing benefits. The quarts reflect the cycles of the moons and a nice big glass is sure to chill your mood.

Pro tip: Amethyst translates to "not of drunken state" so adding Amethyst to wine allows you to drink more... allegedly.



BYO Panini: mix up your favorite meats and cheese, choose from spreads like fig and habanero jams, pesto, honey or aioli, top with fresh herbs and fruits.

Fresh Lemonade: lemonade mixed with seltzer water, infused with garden herbs and jalapenos!

Cheese Board: pick from pages of local meats and cheese, pair with olives, fruits, mustard, nuts and artisan crackers


Don't forget the chocolate!

Cheese. Wine. Chocolate. I honestly can't think of a trio my taste buds prefer more.

Vino Giu offers over 30 options of gluten free, organic, locally made Colorado chocolates!

Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. White chocolate. Flavored chocolate. Why not one of each?!

And what pairs best with chocolate? Wine of course! Vino Giu has so many delicious offerings we almost forgot about the wine - almost.

The wine menu here was selected by one of Colorado's top Sommeliers. There are pages of whites, reds, and sparkling wines to sip on. Have a sip, a glass or an entire bottle.

Every item on this menu is of the highest quality. Vino Giu is a great spot for a quick casual bite or a fancy date night!



207 Park Ln, Estes Park, CO 80517

p: (970) 591-2528

@ vinogiu

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