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Alibi, Liberty Hotel | Boston MA

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

This swanky lounge, located in West End's Liberty Hotel is the perfect spot for after work cocktails or a sexy night out on the town.

Set in the old “drunk tank” of what was once Boston’s historic Charles Street Jail, Alibi's seductive space flirts with history. The space shares its' stories through amusing celebrity mug shots, sophisticated cocktails, leather sofas and a coveted outdoor patio.

The Liberty Hotel manages to maintain their history throughout the entire property- and Alibi is certainly no exception.

Maintaining the feel of what was once Charles Street Jail into a now chic bar and lounge is next level creativity.

This Beacon Hill hot spot uses the original bluestone floors and brick cell walls to showcase its history and set the mood.

Incorporating iron bars in the doorways, windows and interior walls give the vibe of being a prisoner behind bars... one who also has the ability to order a martini and flatbread.

In addition to the industrial "jail-chic" interior design- they throw in a bit of comic relief with their celebrity mugshot decor.

There's nothing better than a city hangout that also provides you with an outdoor space. Just through the iron bars is an insta-worthy patio terrace and full outdoor bar.

Enjoy cocktails on the couches and take selfies in front of the flower wall- Alibi knows how to embrace their historic past while also incorporating all those modern day trends,

PRO TIP: floral backdrops pair perfectly with a VSCO filter.

(notice, however, that they still managed to incorporate iron jail bars in the faux grass wall)

Now let's talk food...

Alibi offers a variety of light bites and late night snacks- such as their duck-fat french fries, green beans tempura, shrimp cocktail, ahi tuna tartare, buratta BLT, flatbreads and miniature burger. YUM.

Bottom Line??

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to jail.

what's your alibi?

image provided by liberty hotel




p: (857) 241-1144

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