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Broadway | South Boston, MA

Located on East Broadway in South Boston-

The Broadway is a place for everyone.

Whether you're stopping in for a beer after work, grabbing brunch with the girls, catching the game with the boys, enjoying lunch with the family, a date night for dinner, or having a raging Sunday Funday that you'll regret at work on Monday-

this place has got you covered!

photo provided by The Broadway

The interior design of this place is one of my favorites in South Boston. It's a rustic industrial vibe with an open atmosphere that also has a cozy aspect to it. They have 2 bars, one in the front and one in the back, that are "separated" by an industrial open wall- both front and back areas provide booths and high-tops for seating.

photos provided by The Broadway

One of our favorite parts about the interior of The Broadway is the concrete back wall that says "SOUTH BOSTON".

photo provided by The Broadway

Fun Fact:

Broadway offers Truly on tap!!

Yup! The 100 calorie hard seltzer is available on tap at this South Boston hot spot!

The tap version comes out as "flavorless" giving you the option to add the flavor of your choice!

I ordered this and simply added just lime- and honestly, it was tasty, refreshing and low-cal!


Okay. Let's talk Food, shall we?

"Buff Truff Mac Burger"

....You had us at truffle.

This was one of Broadway's mouth-watering weekly specials, and boy do they know how to deliver!

Description you want?

Truffle Mac + Cheese with buffalo sauce on top of their house burger.

Need we say more??

GOTTA GET: Street Corn Nachos

This cheesy dish is one of the best nachos we've had- and you know how Backwoods Goods feels about nachos! Topped with roasted corn, poblano tres quest, black beans, cotija, chipolte cremates and salsa Rosa- with the option to add grilled chicken or smoked ribeye- this is a must when ordering a round of apps for the table.

Bottom Line?? If you've never been to Broadway in South Boston, allow me to "officially suggest it". This place is a staple for locals and really anyone who enjoys food, drinks, and a fantastic sunday-funday.




726 E. Broadway

Boston, MA 02127

p: (617) 307-6480

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