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Brown's Lobster Pound | Seabrook, NH

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Don't forget to stop at the ATM and the packie -

this place is strictly cash only and BYOB

The age old New England debate - Brown's or Markey's? As in, Brown's Lobster Pound or Markey's Lobster Pool - two seemingly identical establishments DIRECTLY across the street from each other...

The obvious answer to this question is BROWN'S.

WHY? Because, that's why. Because that’s where my parents went and where my grandparents went and where my great-grandparents went. So keeping with tradition, we don’t DARE cross the street - no matter how long the line is.



Brown's is everything you would expect from a local landmark that's been selling out of fresh lobstahs, steamahs and clam plates since 1950. This is typical New England - it's loud, gets a little crazy and sometimes makes you drink too much.

A trip to Brown's is something you plan all day for. This is the place to FEAST.


We recommend starting with a few orders of steamers then heading up to "the pound" to pick out your lobsters. Might as well order a fried clam plate (or two) while you're at it too!



Beer, wine, booze - bring it all!

Brown's sells water and soda but if you want anything else you'll have to bring it yourself.

Make sure to pack plenty of ice, you might want to stay a while!

BWG pro tips:

1. Bibs are for tourists

2. Seafood shacks are great spots for a date night - you know you can really love someone if you can stand the sight of them defiling a lobster, skinning steamers and slathering them both in butter...



Brown's Lobster Pound

407 NH-286, Seabrook, NH 03874

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