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Cafe Arte Mi Admore | San Elizario, Texas

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

An unexpected find along the "backwoods" of the Texas/Mexico border

Everything really is bigger in Texas.... especially when you're traveling through miles of wide open dessert and your coffee craving sets in! Internet service is sparse along the Mexican boarder so it was up to our backwoods' intuition to lead the way...

VOILA - The Art District of San Elizario! At first glance this place gave off some real spooky vibes - like one of those ghost towns you see in a John Wayne movie. Come to find out - that's exactly what it used to be! This small city is rich with history and even has an alleged "dark past"... want proof? Join a San Elizario Paranormal Encounters tour or visit the Old County jail - if those walls could talk!


It was here that we stumbled upon a true diamond in the ruff - Cafe Arte Mi Admore - and our coffee prayers were answered 🙏

This place just solidifies the old saying "don't judge a book by it's cover". Inside this unsuspecting front is an adorable cafe and art gallery! Erika, the owner, artist and barista is a wonderful woman and a jack of all trades. She was so warm and welcoming and left our stomachs and hearts feeling full.


BACKWOODS BEST - Charcoal Frappe!

Activated charcoal made from burnt coconut shells mixed with cocoa and ice, topped with whipped cream- sounds weird, I KNOW - but TRUST US on this one! Ah-maze-ing!



Cafe Arte Mi Admore

1498 Main Street

San Elizario, TX


p: 915-861-6970


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