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Dundee Double Shot | Omaha, Nebraska

Dundee-Happy Hollow is a historic district located west of Midtown Omaha, Nebraska. This building has been a landmark in the community for over a decade and was taken over by the latest owners, Mike & Connie, in 2014. Their slogan "running on love, laughter and a whole lot of coffee" holds true the second you walk in the front door or pull up to the drive through window.


This small spot hosts a BIG menu and they sure are SERIOUS about good coffee. Dundee offers OVER 30 VARIETIES of their own roasted beans. They really aren't kidding about that "whole lot of coffee thing"...

Coffee is offered by the cup or by the pound and they will even grind it on the spot for you! Roasts come in varieties of light, medium and dark. These varieties showcase global flavors from Italy, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, Honduras and Costa Rica.

Not in the mood for coffee? They've still got you covered.

Dundee's got.... hot coffee, ice coffee, espresso, white chocolate, dark chocolate or caramel mochas, like a bazillion flavored lattes, fresh fruit smoothies (made with 100% real fruit), frozen bean chillers, chai and matcha tea lattes, like a gazillion loose leaf herbal, black green and mate teas AND tasty treats from local purveyors to pair them all with!



Zombianco Frozen Bean Chiller (with almond milk)

An unbelievably satisfying coffee and vanilla bean blended bev.

It's thick, smooth, creamy and crave-worthy.

It was a tough decision between this, the Matcha Green Tea, or the Whole Lotta Toffee Chillers... we'll just have to come back to sample more of their endless menu!



DDS is cozy and comforting. This is the type of place you could stay at all day long - or at least until 6pm when they close and kick you out...

The kind of place where you post up with a good book and allow the super friendly staff to lead you on a highly caffeinated journey.

The inside atmosphere welcomes you through an eclectic mix of of coffee collectibles and kitchen knickknacks. The walls exhibit rotating mixed media pieces from local artists.

The outside garden patio is an inviting green space enclosed with flowers.

The sunshine peaks through and creates just the perfect spot to sip your coffee and forget about the busy downtown area just a few miles away.



118 N 50th Street

Omaha, NE 68132

p: 402-556-6494

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