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Farnam House Brewing Company | Omaha, Nebraska


After HOURS of traveling through the endless cornfields of Nebraska, we stumbled upon this spot by chance; in search of a quick bite and a beer...

Turns out that "by chance" part was actually the Brew Gods guiding us into Beer Valhalla!

One word for ya - YUM. Just YUM.

The beer is bomb and the food is fantastic.


And it's as simple as that at Farnam House Brewing.

You can find this spot located on Farnam Street, one of the main drags in Omaha, Nebraska.

Just like New England, Nebraska experiences each season to the extreme and they've got just the beer for every occasion.

This place takes pub food to a whole new level. It's classic grub with the utmost creative flair.



The understated exterior does not speak to the eclectic interior! Navigate your way through the downtown construction and into this industrial space housing a vibe of steampunk-meets-mid-western-farmhouse-chic. The bright yellow walls are instantly relaxing and inviting. The curious mix of decors make for a fun atmosphere and keep the eye wandering while the mouth is watering.



The food here is just fab. I wonder if Uber Eats delivers from Nebraska to New Hampshire....

Dishes are prepared in a from-scratch kitchen that housemakes everything they can, even the condiments! Everything else is sourced from local farms - so obviously, this is a win/win for us!

GOTTA GET: The Hummus Plate

Green Goddess hummus (that's hummus blended with fresh green herbs), sweet chili sambal (that's an Indonesian inspired sauce), fried curried chickpeas and homemade pitas for dipping. The flavor profiles of this dish are UNREAL. It's creamy, tangy, spicy, herbaceous and crunchy - all in one bite!

GOTTA GET: The Wings

Yeah, yeah, wings are wings - but not THESE wings! I'm adding these wings to my death row last meal wish list (everyone has one of those, right?) Perfectly cooked and crispy, tossed in a house-made Belgian IPA buffalo sauce then coated in blue cheese and scallions and served with a herb buttermilk dressing.

GOTTA GET: The Farnam House Burger

You haven't had a burger until you've had a Nebraskan burger. Just when I was considering becoming a vegetarian...not today! Local beef from Grass Run Farms is so juicy, so tender and so fresh. The burger is topped with melted Havarti cheese, arugula, pickled red onions and piled onto a brioche bun with whole grain dill mustard. Served with a side of thick cut fries and house-made ketchup, GOTTA add an egg.



Belgian, French and German inspired brews. Tap lists rotate throughout the seasons. Drink it on draft or take it to go.

Take advantage of their weekly growler fill specials. And DEFINITELY take advantage of their "reverse happy hour" from 10pm-12pm on Fridays and Saturdays!


Pearls of Hoppiness IPA Taft Stout

These beers are just straight up good.

(left) This 5.8% IPA is crisp and hoppy with a subtle citrus finish. It embodies everything I'm always looking for in a good IPA.

(right) A close second in ABV, this stout clocks in at 5.6%, A hearty, full bodied beer perfect for a cold winter's day.



3558 Farnam Street

Omaha, NE 68131


p: (402) 401-6086

@: farnam_house_brewing

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