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The Bordello | Jerome, Arizona

A re-defined brothel in the Billion Dollar Copper Camp

Jerome, Arizona - population 455...


You can find The Bordello, a renovated brothel, in the remnants of an old mining town atop a mountain in central Arizona. This place doesn't look like much from the outside but just look for the busty madam (pictured above), you can't miss her.


The Wickedest Town In The West

Jerome earned this nickname by housing saloons and bordellos and hosting gunfights and gambling rings. You just can't have one without the other...

The town was founded in 1876 and was a booming mining community turning up millions of tons of copper, silver and gold. Unfortunately, the goods eventually ran thin and the miners left, leaving the town completely bankrupt.

Jerome is literally a ghost town.

Many parts of it are still abandoned and real ghosts actually live there! The now occupied section has been taken over by artists, chefs and wine makers and has been transformed into an enchanting little community.


There are just a handful of restaurants in this mysterious little town so The Bordello sure stands out among them.

This menu is NSFW.

The food at The Bordello is scandalous! But really, what else would you expect? Appetizers are considered "foreplay" and the entrees are sexy and seductive.

Start your meal off with a "French Kiss", maybe make it to "First Base" and then end it with a "Lean Mistress".

Oh, behave!

The food here isn't your typical fare - it is the wild west after all.

Carnivorous burger creations of beef, bison, venison and wild boar flood the menu. But this brothel isn't all about the meat (wink, wink) they also serve super fresh veggies and have a strong vegetarian following as well!


The Bordello

412 Main Street

Jerome, AZ 86331

p: (928) 649-5855

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